Birthday Month Freebies

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If you are anything like me you love to celebrate your birthday for as long as possible and love getting FREE stuff! This post is all about how to get FREE food and other cool things just because you are another year older and another year wiser.

I can’t remember when the first time I signed up for a birthday freebie but my first one came from Starbucks (which oddly enough I never got this year!) because a free latte or cappaciono from a my favorite coffee place was the best birthday present ever!! Their birthday coupons last until the end of the month, which my birthday is on the 4th so I am not sure if they make it longer for those with later birthdays.

The emails or mail coupons typically come anywhere from a week to a few days to the day of your birthday. It is so exciting to see the word Birthday in the email notification and open it up to see what free item you just got. It is like winning the lottery!

Coffee (because I cannot live without it):

Starbucks  Free treat or drink plus other perks when you sign up with the rewards program

Dunkin Donuts  Free drink plus other perks when you sign up for the perks program


IHOP FREE full stack of our world famous Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity® Pancakes

Applebees FREE entree with purchase of an entree

Ruby Tuesday FREE Burger or Garden Bar (I have to opt for the Garden Bar or I will pay for it with tummy aches)

Olive Garden FREE dessert (wish it was free salad because I LOVE their dressing!)

Friendlys FREE Ice Cream Sundae

Perkins FREE Magnificent 7 Breakfast (its ALOT of food)

Ben & Jerry’s FREE scoop of ice cream (only at shop locations which I wish we had)

TGI Fridays FREE Dessert (wish it was an appetizer)


Kohls Free $10 credit towards a purchase of $10 or more (basically you can find an item for $10 and get it for FREE!)

Disney Store 25% off coupon (great to gear up for Halloween or Christmas or your favorite disney characters!)

Payless Shoes 25% off coupon (because who can’t use some discounted shoes or bags!)

Old Navy 15% off everything coupon

Ulta Beauty FREE Birthday Palette (it is great and I love it!)


Regal Cinemas FREE small popcorn

I know that there are other Birthday freebies out there so please share with us what Birthday freebies that you love! 


Birthday on a Budget for the Men

Photo Aug 16, 8 20 25 AMHappy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to my Baby Daddy, Happy Birthday to You!

I had to start my post out today with a special birthday shout out to my Baby Daddy aka my boyfriend. He is in the middle of inventory at work and finishing a job so I only got to see him as he got into bed at 6:30am and when I left at 9am but I still wanted to make feel special because celebrating others is something I love to do.

My Birthday Gift to HIM:

Photo Aug 15, 10 35 08 PM

Photo Aug 15, 10 35 17 PM







Of course my idea came from Pinterest because most of my ideas are inspired by others on Pinterest. Doug loves Sharks so this tackle box filled with candy is just up his alley with a cute little saying for him. I headed to Walmart and purchased the tackle box (not sure that is the correct term because I don’t fish lol) for $2.44 plus Smarties (his favorite candy that has yet to make him any smarter lol), Gummy Lifesavers, Gummy Worms and Swedish Fish. All of this was under $10 and made a cute gift that he can snack on while he is at work plus use the tackle box after he done eating his candy.

Plus the candy (except Smarties because just yuck!) that didn’t fit made a nice snack as I assembled the box last night. Baby Evelynne and I were happy with our late night sugar rush!

Suprise Mommy Gift at My Door

I am not one who loves surprises (yes I used to find all the christmas presents before


Christmas!) but receiving an email on my birthday that I was gifted the Bump Box! Say what?? In my baby moms group, other moms have talked about receiving the Bump Box as a gift or purchasing the Bump Box to pamper themselves during their pregnancy. The idea of the Bump Box was awesome but out of our budget especially now that I am on bed rest but now I get to be part the of the Bump Box club!

So what is the Bump Box? It is a monthly subscription that someone pays $39.99 a month to send themselves or a pregnant loved one a box of treats for a mommy to be. According to their website, they tailor each monthly box according to your due date so the pregnant woman receives items that will help them through whatever trimester they are currently in. Since I am 19 weeks today, I am in my second trimester and would receive 4-8 full size products to enjoy for the month of August. Another perk with Bump Boxes, is that with every purchase of the box (even if it’s a gift) plus a product review earns you points to discount when you purchase a reorder of a product from a box!

What did I receive for August??  I swear it is like the company knew

Photo Aug 11, 1 36 02 PMexactly what I have been going through lately because I received a pack of argon oil face clothes (this will hopefully help with the horrible acne on my face), a bottle of pregnancy safe probiotic (to hopefully help with my IBS that has been attacking at least once a week), bath salts (this is controversal to me because I have been told that bath salts, oils and bubble bath were a no no during pregnancy), and a bottle of belly oil to help with stretch marks ( I am on the fence of whether I will be trying this or not since I have been making my own body products for so long that I prefer my own stuff to everything else). Lastly, I received an adorable picture frame to put one of Evelynne’s ultrasound pictures in. The frame is so adorable and says Love At First Sight.

Overall, the box is super adorable and I look forward to receiving my next one in September. To the person that gave me the special gift…. Thank you!

**If you would like to purchase a Bump Box for yourself or a loved one flow this link: BumpBoxes

Photo Aug 12, 9 45 00 AM