How I Am Getting Disney Fit

Long Time No Talk

Hey everyone its been a while… ok a long while since I have been on my blog. There has been some changes to my blog and my life, some good and some bad but many growing experiences. One exciting thing going on is our upcoming trip to Disney World in Florida!

Life Is Disney, Disney Is Life

My husband will tell you that right now our life revolves around EVERYTHING DISNEY! I have lists for each person (future post I am sure!). Then there is the schedules for our dining and fastpasses (I keep adjusting the fastpasses but don’t tell him!!). Plus, I am making each family member a shirt for each day. You will be able to find the shirts in my boutique very soon! I am trying to be prepared so that the trip goes smoothly. The one thing I forgot about was getting myself physically fit for Disney…

30 Days To Get Fit

Oh crap the countdown is on… our plane takes off 31 days and I can barely walk to my back yard to water my garden without feeling like I need a nap afterward. (This is a whole other story for the future!) How in the heck am I going to make it around Disney everyday for 7 days??

Its time to buckle down and get myself in shape or at least Disney fit in 30 days. In all of my research and hours of reading blog posts about Disney, I know that you can end up walking 50,000 steps PER DAY! What in the hell does a stay at home mom that barely gets around going to do?? I don’t want to have to keep finding places I can sit or lean against the whole time because that won’t be any fun for myself or my family.

Making Progress Everyday

Like any workout regime, you don’t want to push yourself to much from the start but make progress each and everyday. My goal is to increase my steps every 5 days so that by the end 22,500 steps will feel easy or easier than it did at Day 1!

Getting fit for Disney isn’t just about the steps and walking. You need to build up the strength in your legs and back to handle being on your feet and if you have a child in a stroller then pushing a stroller while walking all day/night. So along with reaching my set steps goal each day, I have added a task to go along with it.

Some days it will be taking an outdoor walk so that my body can begin to adjust to the heat and humidity. I am in New Jersey so its hot and humid but we just got back from Fort Lauderale area and let me tell you its much more humid down in Florida. Let’s just say I love my AC in Jersey so I need to get my body in shape to not die in the Florida weather.

Another task is doing a stair workout which will help in doing my laundry more often as well. My goal is to do 15-20 minutes of stairs a few times a day. This will help build up my leg muscles for the stamina I will need in Disney.

My last, or so far last, task is taking 30 minutes of stretching my entire body every other day. Being a former cheerleader and gymnast, stretching is cruical to the body. One wrong turn on a tight muscle could reek havoc on your body for months (been there done that). One of my favorite ways to stretch is to alternate between yoga and my pilates stretch bands. (love love love these!) This will definitely help get my muscles stretched out.

Who is with me?

So now you see my goal for our Disney trip. I will be updating my progress on my Facebook page and Instagram. If I do adjust my workout then I will be posting my updates on this blog post. This is definitely do able for a mom so now I need to keep the motivation to get it done! Check out the image if you want to download it to your phone or download the PDF to print it out. (PS cute disney stickers are a great way to countdown your days!!)

12 thoughts on “How I Am Getting Disney Fit

  1. Gosh, I love the idea of getting fit for a trip…particularly because that means I can eat more…but in all seriousness this is a nice way to do something good for yourself and reward yourself.

  2. This looks like so much fun. Especially since you are doing it for a trip. I have never heard of anything like this. Keep going at it. Wishing you the best.

  3. Oh my goodness!! I love your “Disney Get Fit” plan!!! Walking around the parks for seven days straight is no joke especially during the summer. Sending you lots of “get fit” vibes and please, please, please drink a TON of water (I was walking in the Florida sun this morning. It’s brutal!!!)

  4. I did 24,000 steps when we went to Universal in May. Good on you to make sure you’re ready. It’ll definitely make your trip more enjoyable.

  5. Good luck on your journey! The rewards of fun and exciting adventure at Disney awaits.

  6. It would take me years to get up to 7 miles of walking. You are definately an inspiration. I think I’m going to adjust your schedule to suit me and try to at least get up to a mile by the end of summer. Then I can just keep going until I’m Disney fit.

  7. This is pretty cool there. And yes you do need to be at least a little fit for a Disney adventure with your kids. I know I’m getting ready for Disney World next year. I need to be ready.

  8. This is such a great idea! I didn’t think about how much walking there is at disney and how you need to actually be in pretty good shape for it!

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