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It is my first official post back since my hiatus and so much has changed in my mom world that I need to catch you all up on! From starting Evie on foods to changing to cloth diapers to Danyella going back to public school! Not all of these will be talked about today but I can’t wait to talk about Evie’s World (singing Elmo’s World in my head because it is on repeat in our house!) with this first post.

What is a Crunchy Mom?

Have you heard of the term Crunchy Mom? I heard it about a year ago when I decided to start blogging more consistently and was surprised at the meaning. In my mind, a Crunchy Mom was some who wasn’t always nice, told it how it was and didn’t hold back. Boy was I wrong!!!

By social definition, a Crunchy Mom is a mom who loves to baby wear, uses cloth diapers, breastfeeds, makes everything from scratch (think soaps, sprays and anything else that you can buy at Walmart!), co-sleeps, feeds her family all-natural and organic everything and no electronics for kids. Its is pretty determined kinda mama. What I thought was a Crunchy Mom is actually a Salty Mom!

I give those Moms so many kuddos for being able to do all of that and keep their sanity! It is definitely a committment to a Mom’s kids and family to be a Crunchy Mom. That kinda dedication is one that I wish I could say that I want to have for my family but the reality is completely different.

I have started to walk down the path of the Crunchy Mom but not yet ready to get in the car and drive down the Crunchy Mom highway…

Here is what I do that counts as a Crunchy Mom:

I kinda breastfeed…. well Evie wouldn’t latch correctly so I have been pumping everyday, every 3 hours since she was 2 weeks old.

Both Doug and I baby wear and are proud baby wearers! I started off with the K’Tan wrap and then we have moved to an Infantino soft carrier. My goal is to one day own a Tula or Lillebaby carrier! We take Evie everywhere in her carrier but she loves our Sunday morning nature walks the most.

About a month ago, our diaper supply started to dwindle down to 2 packs left. We are super grateful for the diapers that we received as gifts that lasted us the first 6 months of Evie’s life but the cost of diapers is just too much for my blood and wallet. In my mom’s group, there are some cloth diaper moms that show off these cute baby bums with their diapers. I decided to try a 4 pack of the pocket diapers and inserts and have loved it. Yes, it is a learning process of where the snaps work the best and when to double up on inserts for overnights. I can’t wait to start buying more cute designs to cover my Evie’s little bum!

Co-sleeping…. yes Evie and I co-sleep because this is the only way I would get any sleep and survive the day. Since Evie outgrew her Rock N Play, she won’t sleep in her Pack N Play and would cry all night until she was sleeping next to us. Add to the fact that Doug works overnight, so it is all me at night. Life is easier when she sleeps with me. I did this with Danyella and I plan on moving Evie to a regular crib one day but right now this works for us.

All natural Mama right here! I was doing this before the term Crunchy Mom was a thing because Danyella had severe skin allergies. I learned how to make my own soaps and lotions from scratch (no melt and pour soaps here) to know exactly what was going onto Danyella’s skin. This is where my body product line was born. With Evie, I have been steaming and pureeing all of her foods. We a slowly starting to eat little pieces of food that I make her like pancakes and other yummy foods. Evie is my little foodie!

What I am not doing as a Crunchy Mom:

If it is on sale or a good deal, then I will buy organic but if it’s not then my family gets what they get for food to eat. I am definitely not going down the organic road because it doesn’t fit into my budget.

As I said early, Sesame Street plays on our TV all day because Evie loves Ernie and Elmo. Yes, I am one of those moms that lets her kids watch TV so that I can get something done during the day. Having a husband that works at night and most days works before he goes to his night job and finds a couple of hours to sleep, I am home with the kids 24/7 which can be so hard to get things done. Danyella is a big help with Evie but she will be going back to school in a couple of week. Then it will be Evie and I all day which if Elmo helps her stay occupied for a few minutes so I can wash dishes and clothes or write this blog post then I will take it until she wants to play with Mama again.

I kinda laugh because I am more than just a Crunchy Mom but I am a Dance Mom, a Salty Mom, a Baby Mom, an embarrassing Mom (according to the tween daughter!) and a million other names to call me as a Mom. What kinda mom are you?

23 thoughts on “Crunchy Mom in the Works

  1. My sister is definitely a Crunchy Mom. 🙂 And yes, I think moms can’t be pegged into just one persona. She can be a Ninja mom, Clown mom, Lion mom.. Anything and everything. 🙂 Thanks for posting this. I love that I learned a new term. I have only heard of the term Crunchy Mom now. I guess, the news travels slow in my part of the world. 🙂

  2. I consider myself slightly crunchy! 🙂 I have breastfed, cloth diapered, made my own baby food, use cloth wipes and napkins and paper towels. I have never been one to think I had to fit exactly into one “club” or another. I just live the way I think I should.

  3. I am totally NOT a crunchy mum, I don’t even think I could manage it. I am so laid back that I just want my boys to grow as they wish and be a bit strict along the way.

  4. I admit this is my first time to encounter the term “crunchy mom” and after reading this I realized that I am a crunchy mom, well because I breastfeed, I also love baby wearing, I co-sleep with my baby, and as much as possible consider all organic stuff since my baby has sensitive skin.

  5. Most Mom’s have been a crunchy mama atone point in life but we wear many many different hats. Best of luck to you with your daughter and her skin allergies

  6. Glad to learn about the term crunchy mom here. There are plenty of hard work from your side too, breastfeeding your baby since she was 2 weeks old and pumping every few hours! That’s just hardwork.

  7. I absolutely never would have guessed that that was the meaning of crunchy mom. I think your initial thought of the definition makes a lot more sense lol.

  8. This is the first time I have heard of the term crunchy mom. But well, yeah, I have breastfeed, I co-sleep, use cloth diapers, and give as much nutritious foods as I can. But, I am also for convenience, so I also compromise. Whatever works!

  9. This is such a great post. At first I thought the title is more about new recipe but I was wrong I understand it is about mom who bearly do a all of things for her family most especially for her kid/s.

  10. I know lots of crunchy moms. I am very far away from being one myself. I love strollers. I never make my own baby food. Pampers or Huggies diapers are my best friends.

  11. Im kind of in the same boat! Some things I do some things I don’t, it’s called Balance! And it works! Your doing a great job mama!

  12. I started out as a crunchy mom but then life happens. You are on a dinner date with dad and baby is acting up, you give him an electronic device so he can entertain himself so you can have dinner in peace, or you forgot to buy groceries all you have is a regular banana, you feed him that instead of organic, Doesnt make us bad moms, we just have to accept we are not perfect.

  13. I am a lil of a crunchy mom. I would sometime make the food but breastfed yes, I guess it depends on the family situation too. a working mom wouldnt be able to be organic with her baby but will provide her in the other best possible way

  14. I say balance is KEY! And flexibility! We should try our best, but we also have to be happy so that baby (and the rest of the fam) can be happy! I was a major crunchy mama with Jack and that drove me crazy!!! Especially since my husband had to go away for work for a YEAR – 10 days after he was born. I mean, what was I thinking!! And then, Kate came along and I learned to balance crunchy with a little less crunchy and everyone in the family was much happier!

  15. I’m certain that my grandma was one hell of a crunchy mom as my dad tells me but my mom, oh no!It’s actually so hard to consistently stay as one but definitely, cheers to the moms that can go all crunchy!

  16. Oh boy, i take my hat off too the crunchy moms. Its hard work, and loads of dedication. It is not for everyone

  17. Kudos to the “Crunchy Mom”. I’m a pet parent. If there was such a thing as a Crunchy Pet Mom, then the shoe would definitely fit.

  18. This is so inspirational and I take my hat of to you mamam! I’m not crunchy mom just because I work full time and I opt for the easy option. Thank you for sharing this with us your really are a supper mom

  19. Such a cute post! This is the first time I have heard of the term crunchy mom. Best of luck to you with your daughter and her skin allergies

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