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World’s Greatest Farter Father’s Day Gag Gift Tutorial

In our family, we love to pick on each other and have a good laugh.We love to give gag gifts and funny cards. Every family should laugh together and have some fun because life is to short to always be serious.

In typical Dad fashion, my husband spends lots of time in the bathroom which is usually when I need to pee. Doug loves to gross Danyella out by farting next to her and then blame it on her. So she decided she wanted to create a gag gift for him for Father’s Day.

After doing some searching on gag gifts, Danyella decided she wanted to give him a roll of toilet paper and write her jokes to him on the paper. Well you can’t just write on toilet paper. So we came up with the idea of taking one joke and painting it on the toilet paper.

I am sure you will get different results with different toilet paper with different thickness and ply. We used what we had on hand which is soft, thick, double ply toilet paper and acrylic paint. She had to go over the words twice to get the letters to stand out. The black seemed to be thinner which was hard when it soaked into the toilet paper faster than the blue.

If you are looking for a quick and easy gag gift for father’s day or a birthday all you need is: Toilet Paper and Acrylic Paint!

Paint your message on the toilet paper, let it dry, wrap it up and give your gift!



22 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Farter Father’s Day Gag Gift Tutorial

  1. That is hysterical! I think I want to get this for my husband now!

  2. This is hilarious. I am not sure this would be good for some dads, but definitely ones with a good sense of humor!

  3. This is such a funny gift idea! I might have to do this for my husband 😉 He’d be amused.

  4. This is such a easy and funny gift idea thanks for sharing!!

  5. This is something that my boys would give me as I am the farter in the house. My husband hates when the boys an I fart.

  6. this is such a cute idea for fathers day present. this is so funny. my step dad would find this funny.

  7. This is always sI have an inside joke. Raising all boys it is the fart jokes that stick

  8. This is too much fun! Dads are always the one making fun of everyone and it’s nice to have a comeback like this especially on Father’s Day! It’s definitely give everyone a good laugh.

  9. Haha omg this is definitely an original gift! Absolutely perfect DIY gift that dad can laugh at!

  10. HAHAHA this is so rad. I definitely need to do this for my husband. HILARIOUS.

  11. What a great idea, going to play this prank on this year’s father’s day. LOL

  12. Hahah I would have never thought about using toilet paper. I think this is a great activity for my niece and nephew.

  13. Hahaha! I love this, it’s great and such an easy and cheap idea x

  14. I think that this is such a funny idea! It will definitely have a great result and make the entire family laugh.

  15. OMG this is so funny?! But I suddenly, is this might be a waste of toilet paper?

  16. These are really funny idea! I can’t stop laughing. My husband will be amused when I give this to him.

  17. This is hilarious! I think this would be a funny gag gift from a very young child to give to their dad for Fathers Day

  18. This is such a fun idea! I bet it’ll set all of us in a rage of laughter if we gifted it to our dad!

  19. LOL This is hilarious! And probably pretty appropriate in most cases! How creative!

  20. This is too cute! I need to share.

  21. hahaha!!! pretty funny and so clever. would have loved to gift this to my dad cuz lordy we were tortured with his farts as kids!

  22. LOL !!! This is such a funny gift idea !

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