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It is June and for most students that means the school year is coming to an end. Also, June is the start of the Summer season which kids look forward to but parents who need to occupy the kids do not. Whether school is still going or has ended for your student, it doesn’t mean that the learning has to stop when school stops.

Danyella’s homeschooling school year ends at the end of June but she is will be going back to public school starting the end of August. We will be using the month of July to prepare for her testing back into public school. Which she is fighting every step of the way.

This decision to go back to public school was not an easy one because of Danyella’s anxiety and difficulties in Math. At home, I am able to take the time to explain the work to her but at school the teacher may not have that time to go one on one with her. I am scared she will get lost between the kids in the school especially going into 6th grade and they will be switching classes and having multiple teachers.

On the other hand, I don’t think she is truly thriving in a homeschool setting because she fights me on doing anything and everything. I have tried to find subjects that she enjoys but she loses interest. She just wants to rush rush rush through all of her computer and written work. She tries to put the minimal amount of effort into whatever she is doing and it has caused fights between her and I.

Danyella feels that she should just be unschooled and learn when and what she wants to learn. That is not my style as a homeschooling parent. Don’t get me wrong, if unschooling works for you and your family that is great but for my child she needs the structure of a school environment. If I left her to unschool, she would sit on her iPod or watch tv all day and learn nothing to succeed when she is an adult.

In New Jersey, there is no structure for homeschooling and no monitoring unlike our neighboring Pennsylvania. So, I have had to create all of her lessons and pay for all of the materials to teach her at home. That adds up just on ink and printer paper alone. Then add the monthly fee for the homeschooling school that I found for her, workbooks, field trips, projects and other things and we easily put out $2000 a year on homeschooling.

When she goes back to public school, she will be going with her best friend and back to the first elementary school she attended where the students and teachers still remember her. I know she has anxiety about this big change in both of our lives but I think going back to this school will help her with the transition.

One thing that I will continue to have Danyella do, even when she is back in public school, is daily writing prompts. I think it is important that kids have time to write everyday whether it is journal writing or prompt writing. They need that outlet to get things out. Writing prompts have been a great way to get Danyella’s creative juices going and she doesn’t realize that she tells me things through the prompts like things that she likes/dislikes. These are things that she wouldn’t just tell me if I asked her.

Here is the June Writing Prompt which is good for 3rd-5th probably even 6th graders: June Writing Prompt PDF

May Writing Prompt (2)

23 thoughts on “Going Back to Public School plus June Student Writing Prompt

  1. What a fun idea and writing prompts for students. It is always so hard to focus at the end of the year especially on school work. I have some friends who are teachers, I would love to show them this!

  2. What a great prompt. I hope she does well in public school–I’m sure she will. My daughter is also going into 6th grade.

  3. That’s a great idea to have write everyday. The prompts sounds fun. I hope she will adapt fast to public school and make new friends. Changes can be scary at first.

  4. Daily writing prompts as an outlet to get things out and get creative juices going is such a great idea. All the best for her journey in the public school!

  5. everyone has their own teaching styles and you def know what is the best learning enviroment for your kid. and just like her, I needed the structure when i was in school too.

  6. I can understand your reasoning for putting her back in public school. You can say you tried but maybe she needs more structure.

  7. Agree that writing is necessary. My kid is in grade 3 and has been praticing his writing skills. Going back to public school may sounds scary but with the support of the teachers – this might be a smooth transition for her.

  8. I like this idea of daily writing prompts to keep the creative juices flowing in the summer months. I always loved writing from a young age.

  9. I’m sure that, although there will be an adjustment period, she will do great in the long run. Kids are resilient that way.

  10. Im always looking for great teaching resources this is great thank you so much !

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