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3 Ways to Recycle an Old Shirt into No Sew Headbands

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If you have read some of my other Teach Me Tuesday posts, then you will know that I LOVE to upcycle other things into a new thing… especially clothing! Clothes can be given new life as something else if you put a little creativity into it.

Today, I am showing you how to take one shirt that is stretchy like a t-shirt or something similar and make it into 3 headbands. You don’t need to sew or glue anything just tie some knots and you are good to go. This is also a great way for a child who is learning how to tie knots to practice and make their own headbands for the summer.

Headband #1: The Turban Style Headband

Headband #2: The Tie a Bow Headband

Headband #3: The Double Braid Headband

Happy Crafting!


21 thoughts on “3 Ways to Recycle an Old Shirt into No Sew Headbands

  1. How creative are you! I just throw away or donate old shirts, ha!

  2. You’re so creative! I just throw my old shirts out! lol

  3. Very artistic and resourceful

  4. Such a great way to reuse a shirt. This headband is so darn cute.

  5. Now this is an awesome idea, I have to admit the headbands all look really nice as well – perfect idea for making something new from something old.

  6. Such a good idea! Usually I end up using old t-shirts for rags in the garage, but this is a fun craft and I love headbands!

  7. This is such a good idea! I think I might try to do this with a few bits I have around home.

  8. I love this! You are a creative genius! 😍. Now I can recycle old shirts make headbands for myself and my daughter. ☺️

  9. Upcycling! Such a resourceful way of saving something that otherwise may end up in the dump

  10. I love the idea of turning and old shirt into a headband. Thanks for sharing so many great ways to do so as well.

  11. These are adorable! They look so quick and easy too. Very creative!

  12. This is such a fun and creative idea! I would have never thought to do this but I will definitely have to take some inventory.

  13. Such a fun way to reuse them. The headbands turned out really cute too.

  14. These are so cute! What a great idea! I see these sell for lots of money too!

  15. I am definitely going to be showing my daughter this. She loves the idea of upcycling and using her old clothes to make new things. She would love these accessories made from old shirts.

  16. I love this so much! I have so many old shirts that I was getting ready to donate or trash. I’m totally trying this.

  17. I have plenty of old shirts that I could make these with. They’d be perfect for our upcoming trip to the beach. The girls have long hair and when they swim, it’s everywhere.

  18. Love, love the idea! So creative and interesting!

  19. I wear a lot of headbands. I’m going to save this article and use it to make headbands another time.

  20. This is a really great post! My daughter will love this so I am bookmarking! x

  21. You are a creative DIY lady. Sometimes i did the same with my daughters old shirts. But dont think anytime post it on my blog. Creative woman.

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