100 Act Of Kindness Days

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Danyella has been dealing with bullying and mean girls the past year so as her mother, I have been working on her self-care routine through her school work. She doesn’t realize that when I have her write a positive sentance everyday… its self care. She doesn’t realize that when I have her take 15 minutes before bed to write down her feelings…. its self care. There are many way I have incorporated self care into her homeschooling routine but self care isn’t just about what we do for ourselves.

Self care is doing things for other because it is good for our soul. It doesn’t mean you need to go all Oprah and giveaway cars, electronics or other awesome gifts (unless you can afford it). You have heard the stories of the people who start the giving lines at Starbucks where the car in front of them purchases their order for them and then it keeps on going. Or the person that surprises a child with a new bike that their parents can’t afford to buy them.

These little acts of kindness make us feel good about helping others and to see the smile on someone else’s face makes those acts completely worth it. Yes, we do need to make sure we are happy and secure in ourselves but doing things for others when they don’t know it’s coming or asking for it adds to the happiness we feel in our lives.


It is small things like:

Giving a friend a hug when they are down

Holding a door open for a mom with kids in each arm and on each leg

Writing a letter to a soldier serving our country

Leaving a cold bottle of water for the mailman in the summer

Making a meal for someone who is ill

Donating food to a food bank

The possibilities are endless….


Danyella and I are starting our 100 Act of Kindness Days challenge today. Each day we will find something nice to do for someone else. We will record what we did and how it helped someone else. I want to teach Danyella that among all the mean people in the world, be one of the nice people. Who wants to join us in this challenge?

Here is the pdf printable of chart we will use to keep track of our days: 100 Act of kindness Days PDF


19 thoughts on “100 Act Of Kindness Days

  1. This is awesome! No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Cheers to making this world a beautiful place to live in!

  2. wow, i love the title <3 it is true. ACT of Kindness is never wasted and it is pure in some way or form. i love the positivity and your words 🙂

  3. I love this so much! Acts of kindness is all about giving with no expectation in return. Thanks for motivating me to go beyond whats in front of me, out to the world, and do good.

  4. I think this is a great exercise, especially for children as they are learning who and how to be! I know that Christmas often serves as a reminder to everyone to be kind to others, but it’s easily forgotten after the new year. I try to act like Christmas is year round, and hope that I succeed at least more than I fail at it. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. I love this! Kindness and gratitude really can make a huge difference in our lifes with our attiude, health and success! My kind acts today were taking care of my baby despite 16 hours of screaming (he is teething, trying to find the right gel for him) and encouraging 3 people in their dreams!

  6. I absolutely love this idea! You are so right that serving others really is the best form of self care. I get so much joy from doing nice things for people. It’s great that you’re teaching your daughter the value of serving others at such a young age.

  7. completely agree with you that little acts of kindness make us feel good about helping others and to see the smile on someone else’s face makes those acts completely worth it.

  8. Never realize that too until i read this. need to bring back that writing on my journal before I sleep. It would definitely boost my confidence to face the world.

  9. This is such a cool idea. I love the idea of passing on the kindness. And the sheet just really looks so cool. I think I might try this with my daughter this summer.

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