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Baby Prints DIY Mason Jar Vase

With Mother’s Day less than a month away, I wanted to find a cute way to make a gift for the grandmothers that incorporated the baby. Everyone loves baby hands and feet, so why not use them as a print. With a simple mason jar, some paint I had in the house and the baby’s hands and feet…. a Mother’s Day gift was born!

All you need is a jar (I love the way mason jars look so that is what I picked), paint, a paint brush and a baby!

First, Paint a base coat onto the mason jar. I did 3 coats of white first, letting each coat dry for a few hours between.

Next, I attempted to get Evie’s handprints on to the jar with the yellow. She was less than cooperative because she just wanted to chew on her teething toy not play in paint. I let this sit for a few hours to dry.

Next, I printed Evie’s feet over the hand print to make a layered look. This does look cute on the ones where Evie let me roll her feet with the paint.

Last, I put daffodils in the jar to make a vase, but you can add some dirt and make this a planter or add their favorite candy for a candy jar. The possibilities are endless and they will love having a grandchild or child keepsake to decorate their house.


6 thoughts on “Baby Prints DIY Mason Jar Vase

  1. This is the most adorable DIY project I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love these! Yours turned out so cute! These would make a great gift for grandparents too.


  3. That is a very cute craft for Mother’s Day!

  4. Oh my gosh… this is the CUTEST! My toddler is probably too big for this but maybe I could do a handprint for my sister and mom this Mother’s Day. ­čÖé

  5. This is so cute!! Like the prefect mothers day gift!

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