Why I don’t let my kids play on my phone

Why My Kids Don't Play on my Phone

I am not one of those moms that hands my phone over to my kids and let them play games or watch videos on YouTube. I am sure other moms will disagree with this post but this is my personal feelings on letting kids have free reign over my phone…

Imagine having the police show up at your door and you have no idea why. You open the door and the police tell you that they need to check the house to be sure everything is ok. You ask them why. They explain that there was a 911 call that was located at this address. I go and grab Danyella, who was almost 2 years old, and realize that she is the one who called 911 when I allowed her to play with my phone. That was the last time she touched my phone!

There is more reasoning behind my phone ban from my kids besides Danyella accidentally calling the police. I never wanted my kids to grow up thinking they had the right to touch an electronic that cost as much a rent payment. I have enough problems with breaking my own electronics (just ask my brother who had to replace the hard drive in my laptop because I broke it during the move a month ago!) so I don’t need the kids touching it and break something that we don’t have the spare money to replace. Especially when the cost of electronics just increases every year and now to replace my Iphone 7 plus would cost me a $1000 to replace/upgrade to the Iphone X.

Another reason, is that I run my blog and business mainly from my phone. I can’t tell you how many of my blog posts have been written and published from my phone. All of this is possible with the different apps like wordpress, canva and others that help my business and blog running smoothly. Yes, typing is easier on my laptop but when my time is spent outside of the house then my phone is a must. This means kids not touching and breaking my phone is a super must!

Last reason is that they are kids and for generations before these kids were born, kids survived without electronics on the go to play with and keep them occupied. What happened to packing toys, coloring books and snacks to keep kids occupied? This is what I did for Danyella and what I will do for Evie when we are out and about. Even now, I have 2 play mats for Evie which one is kept in the car so I can take it into the dance studio for her to play on. Yes, I have more to pack and take with me but it is keeping her entertained and I will continue to do this until she is old enough for her electronic device.

Danyella has survived for nearly her whole childhood without touching my phone since that day she called 911. This past Christmas, Danyella was given an iPod to take with her in public which she can use as a phone to communicate with my phone since it’s an iPhone, if she is on wifi. She can play games and play on her music apps which I keep a close eye on. If she abuses her privilege of having the iPod then its take away and she has to find other ways, like reading a book to keep herself occupied.

I know that many parents see the convenience of letting kids play on their phones which pulling up their favorite video to keep them quiet and still is easy. On the other hand, teaching my children to respect electronics and how things are a privilege vs a right is a strong value in a world where everyone’s lives revolve around a cellphone and/or other electronics. Let the kids be kids and play with toys and books not your phone. Let Kids be Kids . Let Them Explore, Play and Learn

8 thoughts on “Why I don’t let my kids play on my phone

  1. wow, I never really thought about it like this before… I let my daughter play with my phone but now I’m thinking I won’t! I don’t want her to think she can just play around with such an expensive item..

  2. While I do let my older son play with my phone, there are a boatload of rules that goes with that, and it’s pretty rare. (I don’t think I’ve let him play with my phone in weeks, and he actually rarely asks too.) I definitely understand your feelings, and I think it is great that you have a hard and fast rule for your phone.
    In our family, technology isn’t something my kids are allowed to play with alone, it’s always supervised and usually interacted with together. I’ve found that this balance helps me turn technology time into teaching time, as well as keep limits on screen time with the little ones. My older son is also doing better at asking for permission to use devices, especially phones, with this rule. I’m hoping that this will help them form good habits as they get older and the rules have to change.

  3. I agree, my kids don’t play with my phone. It is a privilege for a grown up who knows how to handle them. I agree with all your reasons. I think it is good for kids to learn some things belong to mommy and they can’t touch them.

  4. I’ve always been indifferent about my kids using it. But since they did just break the screen of my most recent phone, they probably won’t be using it for a while.

  5. Both of my boys have had tablets since they were very young, but they use them sparingly and I never let them play with my phone for the reasons you mentioned. I really don’t want them to be accustomed to being handed my phone.

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