No Giggles For Mama

Total jealous Mom moment right now! Baby Evie is now 12 weeks old and about a week and a half ago she started the giggles! It’s the cutest thing ever!

One night I was getting Evie ready for her bath, I reached down to pick her up and she giggled for just a few seconds. A baby’s giggles are the sweet little noise you can ever hear. Since that first time, I’ve tried my hardest to get her to giggle for me…. nope not a single giggle for Mama!

Thursday nights are one of Doug’s night off every week so it’s Daddy/daughter bonding night. He was playing with her and I hear it… the sweet little giggle I was longing to hear. She giggled over and over for Daddy!

Since that night, Doug has come home from work and if Evie has been awake then he has gotten giggles. Not just one little giggle but lots of giggles. Giggles like when you just can’t hold back and want to cry your laughing so hard kinda giggles!!

Yes, I should be happy that she has this bond with her Daddy but I can’t help to be jealous. With Danyella, I was her only parent so I got all the firsts, all the smiles, all the kisses, all the hugs and all the giggles. So I am not used to sharing all these special moments with another parent. This is all an adjustment for me as a mother.

I’m not a bad mother for being jealous that my husband swoops in and gets those special moments with the baby. I am human. I am the parent that is home with her all day and cares for her all day so I want those moments to be shared with me. I know one day I’ll get more giggles and one day I’ll get jealous that someone else shared special moments with my children.

Have you had jealous parent moments?

6 thoughts on “No Giggles For Mama

  1. Aww! No better sound in the world than a baby giggle! I experience this daddy-gets-the-best too…my kids JUMP into his arms when he walks in every night. I walk in from the grocery store and they don’t even look up. I just tell myself that I get to experience many other things he doesn’t while he’s at work.

  2. This happens to me all the time! I’ll try so hard to get my daughter to smile or laugh and she won’t do it but she will do it for everyone else! Not fair!! #momlife!

  3. Aww haha I know what you mean! Except I was semi-jealous of our son who’s four and can get her to laugh constantly 😂 To be fair, he is pretty entertaining 🤷‍♀️

  4. I totally get this feeling with my youngest daughter, she has always been a daddy’s girl and they have such a lovely bond but my eldest is definitely more focused on Mummy. Great read.

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