Snow NO More

snow no more

Its Wednesday which means it’s What the What Wednesday! Today’s vent session is all about this pending Nor’ Easter snow storm that is supposed to hit us. In case you don’t know me, I despise the snow and cold weather. There are many reasons why I am so unhappy about this snow storm hitting this specific day that I am about to get into.

So First and Foremost, I am unhappy about this snow because we were scheduled to attend the Philadelphia Flower Show. This has become a tradition for me for quite a few years because I love the amazing way these flowers are turned into beautiful works of art. Last year, my mother, one of her friends and Danyella attended the show with me and fell in love with the beauty as well. This year, I purchased one of the memberships that gave me 4 adult tickets and 2 children tickets to attend along with so many other perks. We have all been looking forward to this day for months and now we have to hope that this snow goes away so we can attend on Friday! Grrr Snow!

Another reason is because the cold weather and my body do not get along at all. This is something that I have lived with for so many years and didn’t know really why my body reacted to the cold and snow like this. Last year, I found out that my body is unable to retain iron which is why it reacts to the cold weather like it does. My body ends up in such pain, especially my hands, that there are moments I end up in tears. Those hand warmers that hunters use are my best friend in the winter to help my joints stay flexible and manage the pain. Ugh Snow!

The last reason is that we are ready for spring, nice weather and being outdoors. I want to start taking the baby and dog on long walks, enjoy the beautiful Spring air and just get out of the house! Go Away Snow!

Rant over! Who else has a rant for the week?

6 thoughts on “Snow NO More

  1. I will be 34 this May and I’ve lived in WI my entire life. No matter how many Winter’s that I’ve experienced in my lifetime, I still can’t get used to the snow or say that I really like it all that much. In fact, this winter I found the perfect sweatshirt for me that I’ve worn on just about every snow storm. It says in big bold letters, “I don’t do Winter.” I think it’s hilarious only because I live in WI and I don’t have a choice to ‘do Winter’.

  2. I HATE ALL THIS SNOW!!! We just got 8 more inches last night.. I’m so tired of it.. this winter has been a little rough in Michigan!

  3. We’ve had some pretty nice weather in Toronto lately, but I know it won’t last. We’ll definitely get hit by one more cold blast before winter is over. I’m so ready for spring!

  4. Growing up in a tropical country, I am always fascinated with snow and it’s something I always look forward to in our trips. But I guess it can really be tiring when you need to deal with the cons from time to time.

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