Finding Positivity During Hard Times

I thought with the birth of my little Evelynne on New Year’s Day, that 2018 was going to be a great year…. my year. Well the trials and tribulations have just continued into this new year. So a new year doesn’t always mean a new slate, it just means adjusting your perspective and approach to those hard times that plague your life.

I am starting off this new year with having to find a new home for my family due to circumstances out of my control as a renter. I am having to make a decision that is breaking my heart about my marriage because the trust has been broken between my husband and I. I am having to make a decision about to do about going back to work and whether I want or have the heart to put my precious baby into the care of someone else. These are all changes I was not expecting to deal with 18 days into 2018…. 18 days after my little baby was born.

I won’t lie or sugar coat this at all, I have cried and cried and cried but those tears were not getting what I needed done or helping my family. My other concern about my tears is falling into post partum depression which I experienced after my first baby. PPD is not something any mother wants or should have to deal with especially if being triggered by outside circumstances.

How am I keeping the positive during these hard times? I am working on my self care. This is something I have consciously work on or I can find myself just sitting and wallowing in my sorrows for hours.

This means I am making myself get up and shower. I am making myself read and listen to my positivity books when I am sitting to pump or feed the baby. Those moments when I get down, I make myself pull out my notebook and write positive things about myself and my life. Lastly, I let myself cry when I need to cry as long as it does hinder myself from doing things I need to do for my girls and myself. (Even as I am writing this post, tears are flowing because sometimes I need to let them out).

Life isn’t always the way we want it to be but we can’t let the negativity pull us down. As a mother, I need to have the strength to be the best I can be for my children. Yes, Times will be hard and times will be sad and times will be easy and times will be happy but no matter what the times are for you… always find the positive even if it means taking the extra time to do so.

7 thoughts on “Finding Positivity During Hard Times

  1. It’s difficult to be in your position and I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. It is so important to let out and cry and I am glad you’re not holding back. But once you are done crying, pick yourself up and only move forward, never to cry for this again. There definitely is a bright light shining for you at the end of the tunnel, although the path to it might be a little rough. But from your post, I gather, you are a strong woman and you will fight this through with all your might. Sending you loads of love and warm hugs.

  2. Sometimes it is really hard to look on the bright side. Over Christmas our furnace and hot water tank both broke at the same time and all the companies were closed for the holidays. I tried to remind myself I’m just thankful we had a fireplace and the family was warm and safe. It’s a struggle, but theirs always a rainbow after the storm. Hope things start looking up for you dear!

  3. Self care is so important. I always say that you can’t take care of another human being to your fullest if you are not taking care of yourself first. Never feel guilty about doing things for yourself that fill your cup. Life is so ironic and when you think it is going to be one way, it always turns out another. I have learned through all of my trials that I need to just hold on because God knows what he is doing and He will work it all out. Sometimes I have to literally look in the mirror on those really hard days and say those words out loud, take a deep breath and smile at myself just so I can start the day off right.

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