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Teacher Crayon Mason Jar Gift DIY Tutorial


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Even though we homeschool Danyella, I have many teacher friends who love handmade gifts for the holidays or teacher appreciation week. So today we are featuring a DIY mason jar decorated with crayons that is so easy the kids can do it themselves (with some help/guidance of course). Once the jar is decorated, you can fill it with their favorite candy, snack or flowers! Every teacher deserves to feel appreciated and will cherish a gift made from love from their student.



1 Jar (mason seemed to work best for us)

Double sided tape

48 or 64 count crayon pack (depending on how big your jar is)


Jar filler

Photo Nov 14, 2 24 11 PM


  1. wrap 1 or more rows of the double-sided tape around the jar. I did 2 rows of the tape but 3 would have made it more secure.Photo Nov 14, 2 26 03 PM
  2. Let the kids decorate the jar with the crayons. Just be sure to press the crayons against the tape to keep them secure.Photo Nov 14, 2 33 04 PM
  3. Cut a large piece of ribbon to wrap around the crayons and tie a bow. We learned it was easier for me to do this part because Danyella was getting frustrated with trying to hold the ribbon in place and tie the bow.Photo Nov 14, 3 08 57 PM
  4. Fill your jar with the teacher’s favorite items and you are ready to place the gift in a box or gift bag and give to your teacher!

DIY Crayon Mason Jar teacher's Gift Tutorial


23 thoughts on “Teacher Crayon Mason Jar Gift DIY Tutorial

  1. These are adorable and would make the perfect gift for my daughter’s daycare teacher!

  2. That’s a really cute idea! I want to try this! I like that it’s taped, too, so the teacher can take them off and use the crayons and the jar. 🙂

  3. Wow what an amazing idea! totally going to bookmark this and try it with my son!

  4. This is such a cute idea! I love that kids can get involved and make something special for their teachers!

  5. This gift is so cute. I love that it has candy in it.

  6. So cute! Handmade teachers gifts are always the best.

  7. this is so sweet and cute. i really like it. something kids can do and get them more invovled into art projects.

  8. What a cute and neat idea! Simple yet effective!

  9. This is a really cute gift idea! I know a lot of teachers who would really enjoy something like this.

  10. How creative! A great way to use up some extra crayons too!

  11. Wonderful idea! I would love to help my nieces and nephew to make this for their teachers.

  12. Like this idea, might have to do it with my students and swap out the sweets for something else

  13. So cute and a great idea to get the kids involved

  14. This is so adorable! It’s simple, easy to do and cute. I know teachers will be touched for the thoughtfulness.

  15. This is such a cute idea! I LOVE DIY gifts. They come from the heart!

  16. Wow! You were very creative with this one. I will have to try to make this for one of my teachers :). Thanks

  17. This is a thoughtful gift. Little kiddos and even their parents would surely love taking.hold of those.

  18. Easy and fun, I love it, great gift for a teacher.

  19. This is a really cute Diy gift. Any teacher would love to have this.

  20. Forget the whole teacher apple thing—this DIY is simply adorable. Can’t wait to try this one out thanks to you.

  21. This is soooooo precious! I usually give my kids teachers gift cards to Starbucks usually just in a card. This will be a much cuter and more special way to present it along with some treats. Thank you

  22. This is such a fun idea for an end of the school year gift! It seems perfect for preschool, kindergarted and first grade teachers.

  23. Wow what a perfect gift for teachers! So creative!

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