31 Weeks and Fired My OB’s Office

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Let me start by saying, I loved my OB but when having a baby you don’t just deal with your OB but their whole staff including the office personnel. I fired the first OB I was dealing with at 6 weeks because they were refusing to see me until 12 weeks even though they knew my history of miscarriages and the OB said she wanted to see me as soon as I found out I was pregnant again. Instead of waiting and worrying for 6 weeks about my baby, I found this wonderful OB that actually took the time to listen to me.

This is the heartbreaking part of this story, I didn’t want to leave my OB and did everything I could to deal with the insurance problems to keep my OB. Doug and I even got married in less than a week just so my insurance could change and keep my OB and have a wonderful birthing experience.

Everytime I went into the office, I was unkindly greeted by the receptionist/office worker whom was never nice to me. I began to dread going to these appointments solely because of dealing with this girl. Yes, there was problems with my health insurance because of the marketplace and other problems with the american healthcare system. This doesn’t give any person the right to treat another person like crap, especially a pregnant woman.

I fixed everything with the insurance and went to my appointment on Thursday thinking everything would be great and I would hear Evelynne’s heartbeat again. Well this very nasty girl had another opinion on the situation. She looked at my new insurance and decided it was too late in the afternoon to call the insurance company to confirm anything so she was cancelling my appointment. Mind you, the day before the high risk doctor’s office called the insurance company and had confirmation within 5 minutes! Oh and she didn’t know when I could be seen because the OB is fully booked because he is going on vacation starting the 13th. Are you freaking kidding me???

Meanwhile, the contractions that finally subsided from the prior 2 days started again while I was standing there being told I couldn’t be seen. So with a nurse standing behind the nasty girl, I asked what happens if I go into labor in the meantime. The next nasty answer came from both the nurse and receptionist, “Oh just go to the nearest hospital to give birth”! Ok you are telling me you won’t see me because you won’t confirm my insurance for the OB and hospital but I am supposed to go to the same hospital and possibly have no doctor to deliver my baby??

I barely made it out of the office before the panic attack started and tears streamed down my face. I called my husband to explain what just happened which he could barely understand between my lapses in breathing and hysterical crying. I finally calmed myself down and went to my night class.

That night I spent most of it researching my options for a new OB’s office and hospital because I wanted nothing to do with either now. There is an OB’s office in the same building as my high risk doctor which I called and have an appointment on Wednesday. Thank you God!

No one deserves to be treated like this girl feels she can treat patients, but pregnant women deserve to be treated with even more love and care. My husband called and spoke to the office manager the next day and let her know exactly how unacceptable it was to treat me like that especaially give my high risk nature. It breaks my heart that I had to give up my OB because of his staff but I will not go into weekly visits for the next 9 weeks and have panic attacks over how I maybe treated.

If you are not happy with how you are treated by your doctor’s office then find an office that will treat you with the care and dignity every human deserves. One thing I have learned with having to deal with doctor’s offices is that we have to be our own advocates for our health and well being. Never let anyone treat you less then the amazing person you are!


5 thoughts on “31 Weeks and Fired My OB’s Office

  1. Good for you for finding someone else. I hate going to an medical office and cannot get the service that is needed. Especially in severe cases such as yours. That is someone who is clearly not passionate about what they’re doing.

  2. I have SO been there , mama! When we found at we were pregnant, we were living downtown and my job at the time was at this little ma and pa coffee shop , offering no insurance. We had to get on Medicaid asap , and the way I was treated just because I was on Medicaid (and the terrible hospital I had to go to ) was completely unacceptable. I have a pretty lengthy and terrible experience at the hospital I had my son at .i had been treated poorly right from the beginning but I didn’t think I had a choice to change because of the insurance. I’m glad you were able to “fire ” them ! Shame on them. You will find someone better that will treat you with respect and love !

  3. I’m so sorry you had to go through that and having to find another doctor being so advanced in your pregnancy. You’re right tho no one deserves to be treated that way especially a pregnant woman. Good luck on your next appointment with your new doctor and hope everything is smooth sailing from now until the baby is born!

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