November Blog Goals and October WrapUp

Dad's All, Folks! presentsIt is hard to believe that it is November 1st! Not only is it November 1st but the first Wednesday of November. The time is flying and the holidays are coming which means this baby girl is coming very soon.

Since it is the first Wednesday of the month, we get to have the October wrap up and November goals post right on time. I will admit that I did not hit every goal I had set out but I am still learning how to adjust to dealing with my pregnancy, school, being a mom and wife, full-time student and business creator/owner plus blogging. I didn’t get to blog everyday but I blogged as much as I possibly could every week which still averaged about 5-6 posts a week. My social media numbers all increased and that was the best feeling to see that I am reaching more people/moms every month. Though some of my blog numbers decreased so now I need to find the happy medium between my blog and social media.

Here is how my numbers compared from September to October

Blog Stats:

September Page views: 2.4K                        October Pageviews: 3.3K

September Visitors: 1.5K                             October Visitors: 2.1K

September Likes: 63                                     October Likes: 41

September Comments: 172                         October Comments: 164

September Most Popular Post: French Toast Filled Roll Ups Recipe

October Most Popular Post: Setting & Keeping A Vacation Budget

My Likes and Comments numbers went down again this month so I do need to figure out how to increase those numbers but the views and visitors numbers are increasing which is amazing to see the views increase by over 1000! My Feed Me Friday posts are still one of my most popular along with Teach Me Tuesday and Vacation Planning and Budgeting. It is great to find what works and doesn’t for my blog.


Social Media Numbers

September Instagram Followers: 641                        October Instagram Followers: 825

September Facebook Likes: 791                                  October Facebook Likes: 896

September Pinterest Followers: 538                           October Pinterest Followers: 642

September Pinterest Daily Viewers: 1022                 October Pinterest Daily Viewers: 1322

September Twitter Followers: 2388                           October Twitter Followers: 2400

September Google Plus: 22                                           October Google Plus: 22

September Stumbleupon: 52                                        October Stumbleupon: 55

For October, I really took a focus on working my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Each saw an increase in followers/likes but Instagram saw the biggest increase which is where I really focused my attention. I really didn’t do much engaging on Google Plus and Stumbleupon as I had set out to do so there is no real increase on either but now November has some new goals!


Blog Income:

September WordAds: $2.02              October WordAds: TBD

So the whole WordPress WordAds is a mystery to me but I did earn a couple of dollars which is awesome! I learned it takes at least 2 weeks for them to update this in their system so I have to be patient. I really didn’t do much the Amazon affiliates in October because I am afraid to be to spammy for my readers. I signed up for different influencer sites so that I can begin doing reviews which I would love to focus on baby items when Evelynne arrives.


Here are my goals for October:

Blog Goals:

Mondays will have become my off days until the baby arrives which then will turn into Mom Mondays and Saturday Baby Day will go away. Tuesdays will be Holiday Teach Me crafts for kids and adults. Wednesdays (besides today) will feature gifts from my online Boutique. Thursdays will continue to be Thankful Thursdays and ways or things to be thankful for in our lives. Fridays will continue to be Feed Me Fridays. Saturdays will continue to update everyone on my Pregnancy and maternity life, until Evelynne arrives at least. Sundays will continue with ways to save for a family vacation.

I want to continue to increase my views and visitors by at least 1000 for the month. I want to increase my likes and comments by 100. I need to find the happy medium in my life to plan out my blog posts, write them and not feel completely overwhelmed in my life with the baby coming and school.

Social Media Goals: 

My Instagram goal is to increase to 1000 followers which I fell a little short in October so November should be easier to reach it with just 175 followers! Same with my Facebook Likes, get 104 likes to reach 1000. The rest of my social media increase goals are to increase by 100. With Pinterest, I need to go through and polish my pins to include hashtags and descriptions. I will be trying to research how to utilize Google Plus and Stumbleupon to their full potential.

Income Goals: 

I have become so envious of other people and their sponsored posts so I am attempting to gain sponsorships for the lifestyle, especially once I have the baby, aspect of my blog. I would to bring to you the good and bad of products to use because you find new products on the market everyday. One thing I have learned with shopping for this baby, there is a million things on the market and reading about other people’s experiences help to make an informed decision for that precious little one in your life. Wish me luck!

I am still finding ways to increase my income and I am so thankful for the guidance of the Mom Bloggers Tribe because I would be so lost without their help and support. Each day is a growing experience and I can’t wait to grow with all of you!



5 thoughts on “November Blog Goals and October WrapUp

  1. You have great goals and it seems like you are accomplishing many. You are doing a great job. One of my goals is FB so Im working hard this month to accomplish at least 500 people to like my page.

  2. Great traction and great goals! As a newbie blogger behind you in this journey, it’s inspiring to see how far you’ve come. Keep it up!

  3. These are such great, concrete goals. I think that part of my problem is that I don’t have goals and just throw content out there without figuring out how to engage people. I’ll definitely be borrowing some of your ideas! Wishing you a safe and healthy rest of your pregnancy!

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