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bake breadWhen your week consists of being on the go between classes, mid-terms, doctors appointments, dance, family life and just life itself, being able to cook was not on the menu this week. We ended up eating out for most of our meals or eating the leftovers because we needed everything to be quick and easy.

So I will admit not all of our choices have been healthy ones…. Breakfast was between Dunkin Donuts or one of the two diners that we frequent. The diners are not as bad because I was able to order eggs BUT I had to have my crispy bacon with it which is not so healthy. Lunch was either a diner or fast food because we were on the go from one place to another and really didn’t have time sit for to long to eat. So this was a lot of sandwiches or burgers/fries. Not so healthy either. I did try to keep dinner a little healthier with salads and soup from Panera. I have been obsessed with the Fuji Apple salad and Chicken and Rice soup from Panera lately. The only downfall is that the soup is only available on specific days… that doesn’t work when a pregnant woman is craving something lol. My poor boyfriend has been stopping at Wawa for one of their bowls or ending up with late night cereal after a long day for dinner.

This just proves that I really need to start meal planning and meal prepping because when the baby comes, I won’t be able to just go out and pick up something for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Not to mention how much money we spent on eating out this week. It had to be twice as much as our typical grocery bill budget… that is scary!

With the holidays coming, it will get to easy to try to stop and eat out but I am determined to make meal plans and keep to them. Does anyone have any tips on easy meal planning?

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  1. I haven’t eaten out for a week but I suppose on vacations I have gotten pretty close. These things happen though when your on the go like you mentioned. When baby comes you will be hoke a little bit more at least at the beginning so maybe you’ll find a new routine.

  2. Such wonderfully put post. I am bad at meal planning. Every time I think that I will plan my whole day for the entire week but I fail;. Need to devise strategy for the same,

  3. Honestly, sometimes I have my week where I just need a break from the grocery store, dishes, and cooking. & I think that is completely okay! Since putting ourselves on a a budget it has been easier to meal plan. I gave myself an allowance, Sunday morning I would plan out the whole week, and made a grocery list of what I NEEDED. I made sure to only go to the store when my hubby was home so I didn’t have to take the kids, because they would always distract me and I would end up spending more! So that was what helped me stay on point with meal planning!

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