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Thankful for My Shower #thankfulthursday

Thankful for MyShower

It is Thankful Thursday and as a pregnant mom, I am Thankful for my shower! Yes, you read that right…. My Shower! My shower time is where I get my mommy time right now. It is my happy place! Do you have a happy place?

My shower time started when I was pregnant with Danyella and was told no baths and no standing for more than 5 minutes in the shower. So, I began to sit in the shower so I could enjoy the steam and water for more then a few minutes. The water dripping on me was like being outside in the rain. Sometimes we need to just feel that peace and be one with the water. This continued after Danyella was born because it became a place where I could almost meditate, relax and clear my mind.


Being pregnant with Baby Evelynne has been uncomfortable between the ongoing morning sickness, growing belly and having a baby pushing against my ribs. Add that to just the stress of needing to move, starting school and being out of work. My shower time is my sanctuary. There are times where I can just sit for an hour or more. The times where I need to take a quick shower, they just suck the life out of the moment of getting out of the shower. Like it is unfinished business that I need to take care of still. My hour-long shower times will be cut shorter after the baby comes but until then I will be enjoying my shower times.

What are you thankful for today?





7 thoughts on “Thankful for My Shower #thankfulthursday

  1. I love my showers too although with three kids and 3 dogs that don’t want to leave my sight most times it isn’t very relaxing. I do take long hot baths while the kids are at school though! It’s where I do my best thinking!

    1. Yes I am enjoying my showers while I can but my puppy wants to join me. At least the older kids are old enough to occupy themselves and him…. sometimes lol

  2. OMGee. I’m the same exact way. I look forward to that quiet time I get to spend in the shower. It’s peaceful and relaxing and I never want to get out.

  3. I agree! As a mom, there’s nothing better than a long hot shower!

  4. Good reminder. There is always something to be thankful for! I love a good, long, hot shower! Great way to relax!

  5. Nothing like a nice hot shower to clear your mind! It’s the only time I get to myself these days.

  6. I love shower time—especially when I’m not rushed! I’m thankful for my sweet husband!

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