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Dry Skin Season is Coming

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It is that time of year where our skin begins to dry out, crack and just hurt no matter how much we drink water and try different lotions from your local store. Having a child with severe eczema, I had to experiment with different lotions and soaps to try and find some kind of relief for her, especially in the winter. Even the products labeled especially for eczema didn’t work for her.

So I began to make my own products for her so I knew exactly what was going in the products and on her skin. I came up with a formula for a hardened lotion made from coconut oil, olive oil, pure beeswax (not the candle stuff with additives for candle burning) and a few drops of essential oil. This formula has been magic for Danyella’s skin for many years now because it creates a barrier layer with the beeswax to protect it from further damage while healing the skin problems with the coconut oil and olive oil.

As friends and family, began to see her skin go from bleeding eczema patches to beautiful clear skin, they began to ask for their own Lotion Pop in different essential oil scents. I use a mold that is for cake pops but it makes it so much easier to glide the lotion pops across the skin with this design.

Right now I offer Lotion Pops in my online store Kaella Boutique in Lavender, Orange and Peppermint. The pops are 3 ozs each and come in a cute little box for storage. They also make great small gifts for people on your list this Holiday Season.  How many of you suffer from Dry Skin?

You can click on the pictures to be take to my online shop:



11 thoughts on “Dry Skin Season is Coming

  1. These look so awesome, my son suffers from severe eczema and we are always looking for something to help his poor skin.

    1. I went through that for years with my daughter and it was heartbreaking to see her cry when it would get so bad in the winter especially her hands.

      1. Yes, his fingers crack. We have been using a lush product that has been helping as long as we do it every day which can be tricky with him.

      2. Yea I had to make it a game with my daughter when she was a preschooler and the nice thing about the pops is that it dries into the skin pretty quickly to create the barrier. With the liquid lotion, we had to dance around to make the lotion dry before she would touch things and it would come off.

  2. These look great! My little one had eczema pretty bad early on. This would have been perfect.

    1. Awe I hope your little one’s skin is doing better now

  3. Awesome idea! I make some of my own essential oil products but never thought of pops! This is great!!

    1. yes they are super easy to make for yourself and affordable compared to some of the specialty lotions on the market

  4. Oh these look great. I get such bad eczema in the winter. I can’t wait to try them.

  5. I’ll have to check these out – my nephew has eczema pretty bad. Very cute packaging btw!

  6. This looks great! My skin used to get so cracked in the winter when I lived up north.

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