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It has been a week since I have been able to get a blog post out of me. If you look at my drafts, I started multiple posts but just couldn’t finish them. Yes time was a factor but if I am being truthful, my heart just wasn’t in it to write this past week. Being pregnant, I know that I am more emotional than usual but I would just sit and start crying multiple times throughout the day because this past weekend was my little brother’s 9th anniversary of his death and I was becoming emotionally burned out.

The week leading up to his anniversary is always an emotional one but we keep busy by planning his annual balloon release memorial service and cook out. Add the stress of the pregnancy hormones and the pregnancy itself… my stress level felt like it skyrocketed. Now add that my psych paper this week was on Addiction and basically I just mentally shut down.

More than once my boyfriend found me crying and when he would ask why, all I could muster up was that it was all too much this week and I couldn’t take it. In one week, I dealt with my brother’s death anniversary, my pregnancy complications (had a few close call fainting spells) and one of the Mama’s in my group had to have her twin boys early because of complications (I sat on the couch and cried for hours for those boys who are now in the NICU and getting stronger everyday). I just hit my end and crashed but it felt like every time I did something, I crashed all over again.

Last night was the first night I was able to get to bed and sleep before midnight which was a nice thing for me. I was living off of little sleep and an occasional nap. My poor boyfriend had his head bitten off more than once in an hour for the past week (sorry babe). I had the Mom Emotional Burn Out but this week it is time for recovery and get myself back on track.

Every mom has their emotional burn out moments trust me! Some are definitely not as extreme as mine but we all have them. The key is to let yourself feel your emotions, embrace the discomfort while it lasts and when you are ready, pick yourself up and love yourself again. Motivation Monday!

**On a little side note, my boyfriend has made it without to many scars through this pregnancy and other times so I have to say Happy Anniversary! I love you and everything you do for our family.


6 thoughts on “Emotional Burnout #MotivationMonday

  1. Pregnancy hormones are no joke. You however had enough going on to amplify the situation. I wouldn’t worry about anything but yourself and family. Everything else can wait.

  2. The hormones with pregnancy can definitely make you more emotional! Even after having my daughter, there were moments when I would cry for no reason or get completely overwhelmed/flustered. Unfortunately, my husband got the brunt of it. When I feel myself getting emotional, I take a few deep breath, practice some positive self-talk, take a break from what I was doing, and go for a walk or run! I hope you were able to work through your rough week and are feeling better! Congratulations on your pregnancy 🙂

  3. I have similar moments each year around the anniversary of my sister’s death (10 years this past June), and my son’s death (3 years this past February). Sometimes, the emotions just get so big, you need to give yourself a break to feel and process them. Hugs to you, mama.

  4. That was too much for a women specially when the pregnancy hormones are on their peak. Let me give you a tight hug, being a mom to a 3yo I could so very well recall my pregnancy emotional hours. Just calm down, breathe more fresh air, read some positive books, listen to music you love, things will go better! Hugs

  5. This is so true! I once cried when I found out that my boyfriend had not paid the power bills. I just had a lot in my heart and I needed to get it out. Pregnancy hormones are just crazy!

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