Mom to a Tween Girl

Mom to a Tween Girl

Anyone that is mom to a tween sees their cute, adorable little girl with a touch (or bucket full) of attitude and sass that leaves you wondering… where did this child come from because this isn’t my sweet little girl. For the longest time, I thought it was just mine that acted like this but once the dance moms and I started our weekly chats, I learned that nearly all tween girls are like this and I am not alone!

My daughter will go from a sweet smile to tears to growing devil horns in about 5 seconds flat. You ask her to do something and it is met with an attitude like no other. I mean I thought this is what we dealt with when they became teens??

When you ask them to do their chores or anything at all to help…. wear body armour because dart will come spitting out of their mouth as they tell you “soon”, “in a minute” or “fine”. At the same time, she wants time to cuddle and be with her mom. It’s such a fine line when it comes to this tween age! 

Right now our biggest struggle has been technology or in her eyes “lack of technology”. She wants a phone and has been asking for one for the past 2 years but we are set that she doesn’t get one until she can show us responsibility aka keep her room clean and do her chores without a temper tantrum for more then a day! 

Raising a girl isn’t easy but a tween girl in this day and age just seems to be gettting so hard at least emotionally and mentally for this mom. Those rare “I love you” or “thank you” moments make enduring the attitude, slamming door and tears all worth it. Anyone else raising an emotional tween girl?



8 thoughts on “Mom to a Tween Girl

  1. Hahah tween is like the age where one is too young or too old to do anything!
    Play with toys? Too old.
    Start dating? Too young. šŸ˜€

    1. It’s funny most of the tween girls Danyella is friends with still love their stuffed animals or American Girl dolls but bring up the boy they have a crush on and they turn 10 shades of red!

  2. I’ll be interested to see how much of this applies to my boys when they’re a bit older as well! Tween life seems as complicated as toddler life some days!

  3. My oldest daughter is only six, but some of this still sounds familiar! I’m definitely not looking forward to certain aspects of the tween years!!

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