Filled French Toast Roll Ups #feedmefriday

Filled French Toast Roll Up

In our family, breakfast can be eaten anytime of the day… or night. We love our breakfast foods but right now I cannot eat eggs ie omeletes, over easy etc so we opted to find a different recipe to make for Feed Me Friday and I found French Toast Roll Ups by This Grandma is Fun

This recipe seemed easy, fun and most of all YUMMY! I checked what we had and what we needed. Danyella doesn’t like Nutella but I love Nutella so I grabbed cool little to go packs so I can use the rest of them for my lunches for school. I bought bananas and bread since we had jelly in the fridge.

So here we go…. I got everything out that we needed. For Danyella it was 2 Raspberry with banana chunks and 2 Strawberry with banana chunks. For me it was 4 Nutella with banana chunks (wish I bought strawberries).

I cut the crust off and rolled out the slices of bread to flatten them…

Photo Sep 08, 8 44 59 AM

Then I put a layer of jelly or nutella (my tip here is that the recipe says to just do a strip in the middle but I did 3/4 of the bread so when I rolled them the one end sealed to the roll using the spread)….

Then it was time to cook these yummy things up….

Now it was time to roll them in the cinnamon/sugar mix and they were ready to eat. Boy are they yummy! We could have used healthier bread or gone without the cinnamon/sugar mix but sometimes you need to be a little bad! I highly recommend these especially if you have kids because they can help make the roll ups and have some fun too!Photo Sep 08, 9 21 21 AM

Find the recipe here… French Toast Roll Ups 


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  1. Yummy! These look delicious! I have to make these for my family, they would go crazy for these. I am a big fan of french toast. This is such a new and creative way of making french toast. Thank you for sharing this!

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