Tips To Living Your Happy Mom Life

Tips to Living your happy life (1)

In my 36 years of living, one thing I tend to forget to do is living a happy life for myself. As a mom, I’m always taking the time for my kids to make sure they are fed, clothed and happy. As a girlfriend, I make sure that my boyfriend’s needs are met and he is happy. As a daughter, I make sure that my parents have the help they need to make their lives happier. Same goes for my friends. The big question is…. when do I take this time for myself to make sure I am happy?

The answer to that question…. when I can remember to take the time!

Here are some small tips to living your happy mom life each day…

  1. Enjoy your shower time! This is my favorite time of the day because I shut the dog, the kids and attempt with the boyfriend out of the bathroom, sit and let the water just run over me. When I was pregnant with Danyella and on strict bed rest, I was told that I could shower but I had to sit in the shower. I don’t use one of those old people shower chairs but I do use a cushy tub pillow. There are times that I can sit in the shower and let the water run over me like I was in the rain. I don’t get these times alot but I enjoy the moments when I get to relax in the shower, just me, myself and I!
  2. Enjoy your Potty Time! Oh yes I went there! The Mommy Potty Time is usually filled with kids and pets running in and out or shouting your name. Even for a 30 second pee, I let the kids and dog run amuck while I take the few seconds to hop on Pinterest. Just about since the start of Pinerest, I have been obsessed with this site/app. I have over 100 boards and thousands of pins all done in just a few seconds and minutes I have on the potty and other down times. Pinning makes my life feel more relaxed and I have found so many recipes, diy projects, kids projects and more to help my life.
  3. Get up Early or Stay up Later! I know that many mom bloggers talk about getting up a few minutes early to take Me Time but that is not me. I am a night owl and that will never change. I can be up until midnight, hours after the kids go to bed but ask me to get up even 15 minutes earlier and forget it because the snooze button will be hit! If you are a morning person then kudos to you! I like to take the time to do some stuff for me whether it is doing some reading, crocheting, journaling or other things that I want to do just for me.

They might just be a few, simple tips but these are things that help me enjoy a happier mommy life. I hope that these few tips can help you enjoy your happier mommy life!



13 thoughts on “Tips To Living Your Happy Mom Life

  1. lol I love your list!!!! Especially potty time ! Hahaha that’s the only time I get a few minutes to myself… well sometimes anyway;)

  2. I only recently started letting myself enjoy shower time! I shut the door, turn the water on HOT and just let it rinse away my troubles lol. I agree with the potty time too, my husband takes a good half hour just to sit there and poop. And he’s admitted it doesn’t take him but 5 minutes. So…yeah. Not cool LOL

    1. Haha my boyfriend does the same thing. He take the time to browse Facebook or play a game but you don’t hear him getting bugged except by the dog which will whine at the door and I’ll open it just a little so my bf knows how it feels for me 😂

  3. I love all your tips and I do them all. These times are my time to relax and I indulge and linger in them as long as possible. Being a mom can be exhausting. I wish my “me time” didn’t seem to always fly by so quickly!

  4. I usually stay up about an hour after everything is done in the evening just so I can have some time to sit still. It’s really helpful.

  5. It is very important to find me time for moms. I try all of these but the potty time alone rarely happens lol. Someone always comes in. I do wake up early to get my workout and that’s my me time!

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