Best Christmas Movies List

Best christmas movies to watch

Yes, I know that I am about to talk about Christmas Movies and it is only August but having a baby due around the Holidays, I just can’t help but already get into the holiday spirit! I started watching Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July movies (starting July 1st) and thought I was past my Christmas obsession until the other day…

I have been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy (bad, bad idea when you are pregnant!) and they had a holiday episode on the other day and I started crying (hormone overload) about how I wish it was Christmas time. Partly, this is coming from the fact that I keep overheating and would really love the cold winter air. Partly, this is from working on my gratitude journal and the realization that most people only have that thankful spirit in November and December instead of the whole year. The last part comes from the fact that Christmas movies just make me happy and I want to feel happy!

Today is 117 days until Christmas and I posted yesterday a meme on my Instagram and Facebook baby support group that was Elf and said 118 days until Christmas. It sparked a whole discussion about favorite Christmas movies. So, Danyella and I complied a list of our favorite Christmas Movies and classic TV shows to share with all of you.


This is a PDF version you can download and print to keep track of which ones you watch this holiday season! https-www.facebook.comkaellaboutiqueposts146643746677789

That is our list which some movies are classics, some are black and whites, some are kids and all are just wonderful. What are your favorite Christmas movies? Did I miss any that need to be added to the list?

24 thoughts on “Best Christmas Movies List

  1. Grey’s is my all time favorite. I have watched every episode and can go back and watch old ones and still enjoy them. Christmas is right around the corner and I will be watching some of those movies and sharing some with my kids and family.

    1. I lost track of Grey’s after Derek died so I am enjoying re-watching the old episodes and look forward to the new seasons I haven’t watched yet. Enjoy your Christmas movie season 🙂

  2. Love this list. We adore movies in our house! Never a bad time to talk about Christmas. In fact we were just discussing what we are adding to our holiday decorations this year. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. This is getting me excited for Christmas! My son is only 2, so last year we got to introduce him to a bunch of Christmas classics. I’ll have to use this list to find some more movies to show him this year 🙂

    1. Yes there are some great younger kid movies and my daughter yelled at me that I didn’t include ALL of the Mickey mouse Christmas movies but those would be great for a 2 year old

  4. Wow, this is interesting and the best time of the year. These days I was thinking of stories and movies related to Christmas for my kid. Shall try out some of the ones you’ve listed:). Thanks

  5. I just visited my nieces in Philly, and I was surprise that they were watching Christmas movies. (The Polar Express & Caillou Christmas) I almost hate the fact that I have 2 Christmas Birthdays in my family. They seem to miss out on one or the other when it comes to gift giving.

    1. Maybe it’s a regional thing because we are about an hour from Philly lol and my daughter is loving watching Christmas movies anytime of the year.
      Having this baby due at Christmas and seeing my brother get the one present for 2 things was always hard so we will do a half year celebration if she comes in December.

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