Countdown to Good Things #motivationalmonday

Countdown to Good Things#motivationalmonday

It is Monday morning and I can’t think straight right now. I need some of the motivation that I am about to talk about just to get myself going for the day. One of the best ways to get myself going in the morning is to think about something that I am looking forward to and counting down the days I have left until the event happens.

My current countdown is to starting college again. First day of class begins September 5th so I have 9 days left. Then there is the countdown until my brother’s annual balloon release where we celebrate his life. I have 27 days until that event. Then we have birthdays and holidays and my due date! So much to look forward to this fall.

Each day you wake up is another day closer to a wonderful event that you are looking forward to in your life. Whether the event is small like your weekly nail appointment or big like a vacation, it is something to get you motivated in the morning. Each morning that you wake up is another day closer to your special event to help you make the day go by faster.

I love that my calendar is marked by special events going on so when I wake up and get my planner out for the day, I can see that I am another day closer to that special day I am looking forward too. I even downloaded an app for my phone last year that you can plug-in special dates and it gives you the countdown until the event happens. It was favorite moment every morning to see the countdown for my Vegas girls trip go from months to weeks to days!

Everyone has something special to look forward to which is an additional reason to wake up and get going in the morning. What are you counting your days down til?


11 thoughts on “Countdown to Good Things #motivationalmonday

  1. What a great idea on looking at your calendar for the next fun upcoming event that you have planned in your life. I will be sure to remind myself to do this more often, especially when I feel in a rut.

  2. That’s a great idea, having a goal or bucket list always helps! I like to start my day feeling thankful. It’s amazing how much of a motivator that is!

  3. I love the thought behind this because we all need positive things to look forward to. But myself personally, waiting and reminding myself actually gives me extreme anxiety. And it’s not like an excited kind of anxiety lol.

  4. Love this! I completely agree that the best motivation is to think about something you look forward to, for me personally it can be as simple as some “Me time.” Or waking up and drinking a nice hot cup of coffee in my favorite mug to seeing my husband once he is home from work or my son when he gets home from school. I like that you have all these wonderful countdowns that you look forward to, it is awesome! 🙂 -Laila

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