21 Weeks and Feeling the Kicks

We are having a baby girl!

Every week that this baby stays inside her little oven and “cooks” a little longer is a blessing. I had my big anatomy scan this past Wednesday. It was amazing to see how our little girl went from the size of a bean at her first Ultrasound to the size of a Pomegranate at this Ultrasound!

According to the various apps, Baby Evelynne has starting producing meconium aka the first poop substance. The first poop is super weird and yucky and looks tarry for the first few poops until they get breast milk or formula circulating through their system.

Evelynne weighed 13 ounces according to the Ultrasound tech which is right on course for how far along she is because in the next few weeks is when she will begin to store the fat cells to gain the cute baby look.

This is the first time I ever got to experience a 3D ultrasound because when I was pregnant with Danyella, 3D ultrasounds were just coming out and most hospitals didn’t have them yet or only used them for special occasions. Of course Evelynne didn’t want to cooperate with the picture and kept putting her hand in front of her face so this was the best picture the tech could get. I happily placed it in the picture frame I received in my Bump Box this month!


The doctor came in to talk to us after the Ultrasound to tell us that there is evidence of contractions and make sure I take it easy because we need her to stay in longer. It is scary to think about having her so early because she needs to be at least 24 weeks to be able to live outside of the womb and even then it is super scary.

Now for the kicks…. This child will either be a dancer (like her big sister) or a gymnast because she flips, kicks, twirls her hands around day and night. It is like she on the go 24/7 especially after I eat (because she loves that I am feeding her different cravings) and when I go to lay down to sleep (whether a nap or bed). Oh and she moves around when she hears the Puppy running around and barking like she is trying to keep up with him. The one time she stops moving…. when Doug puts his hand on my tummy to feel her kicks. I think she is mad at her Daddy already (haha).

Each week I have found a new book to read or app to follow about this pregnancy. This week I am reading Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. She talks about Pregnancy from a  funny point of view but beware she is extremely honest and outspoken about pregnancy. Also, since she doesn’t hold back there are parts and words that people who aren’t me may be offended by. I am from Jersey and at times talk like a trucker so it doesn’t bother me but could bother more conservative peeps. I love how honest she is and am really enjoying the book. You can find the book on amazon for Kindle or paperback (click the image to be taken to the Amazon link)

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16 thoughts on “21 Weeks and Feeling the Kicks

  1. Thanks for sharing this journey. The 3D ultrasound pictures are amazing. Take it easy! Rest is the most important thing and enjoying this precious time because it goes by so quickly!

  2. Whoa, you have time to check out a new pregnancy book or app EACH WEEK? I am mega-impressed! Do take it easy on yourself, especially with a bigger kiddo to keep track of as well!

  3. Such a lovely post. I remember When I was pregnant I keep a close watch on information on size of my baby week by week. Loved reading it.

  4. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us and congratulations on your new little one that will be here very soon 🙂

    1. Lol I wish I could say that I have enjoyed this pregnancy but everytime I think I am feeling ok, something else happens. I am ready to fast forward the next few months and have this baby.

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