Trying Homeschooling Again


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I wasn’t expecting this past year to go the way it has with a pregnancy that has ended up complicated, a daughter who became a competition dancer, needing to move out of our house, starting college again and going down to one income. With a new baby coming, more expenses are going to be coming our way so I am trying to find ways to cut our costs down which the biggest cost was private school.

Making the decision to pull Danyella from the private school was the hardest decision because I really loved the school she was in. They had smaller class sizes and staff that were focused on the children’s education and well being.

This was something she wasn’t given at the 2 public schools that she attended. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing all public school because they are not all made equally but the 2 schools that Danyella attended were in the same sending district and were just to big and money focused rather then student focused. After seeing my daugher crying before school and after school, I couldn’t keep sending her to this school that made her miserable like that.

After a lot of research and fighting with the school district (New Jersey is one the most parent friendly homeschooling states but the school didn’t want to lose the funding they go for the student they ignored for 2 years), I decided to homeschool her for the remaining 3 months of the school year. We continued to homeschool for the next year and then my work schedule changed so we put her in an excellent private school.

Now we are in a situation that we cannot afford private school but we aren’t moving for at least another month so public school is out so we are back to homeschooling again. This time she is a little older and a lot sassier so it will be interesting… to say the least!

The past week has been about planning out the next month of course work, picking her online program and getting myself organized. I realized that I needed a planner but a school or teacher planner wouldn’t work. I needed something to be able to customize for our plans as a homeschooling team. Nothing I found on Pinterest really worked for me or had way to many pages that I just didn’t need.

All I needed was a yearly planner broken down by quarter so if we decide to keep homeschooling then we know what we are doing for the entire year, a weekly planner broken down by day and subject and a daily planner that Danyella and I organize each day with a broken down schedule and expectations. Plus I wanted to make sure she kept a log of her reading books (very important to me outside of school as well). So I made the planner myself and am offering it free to my blog readers!

I hope you enjoy the printable planner and reading log. Feel free to talk about your homeschooling experience below and click the link below to download the planner!

Free Printable Homeschooling Planner and Reading Log

10 thoughts on “Trying Homeschooling Again

  1. I love this. I think it will be really helpful for you to plan it out by quarters and yearly so that you can see the big picture! I tot school at home and if I don’t plan ahead, I find that I am really unsuccessful. I wish you the best of luck on this upcoming school year. Thanks for the adorable printables!

  2. Congrats on your upcoming baby! My mother- in- law teaches at a private school and loves it because of the class sizes and the curriculum. We have awhile until our little love goes to school but we talked about private, unfortunately, with both of our work schedules we would never be able to do homeschooling. I’m glad you found a planner that helps keep you organized for homeschooling!

    1. Thanks! The only way I am able to homeschool is because I am out of work with my pregnancy or she would have been able to stay in the private school. Yes creating these planners are super helpful as I make her lesson plans out for the next month

  3. I’ve dabbled with homeschooling, but at this point, still trying out public. I wish you good luck my friend!!!

  4. I just started homeschooling my two oldest (9, 6) a couple days ago, so this planner is perfect! I need all the organization tools I can get because I also have a 3 year old and 1 year old running around. This year should be interesting!

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