Half Way Done, So Why Am I Not Happier?

Half way done with my pregnancy and I should be doing the “Happy Dance” but I physically cannot because the pain in my back makes it hard for me to even walk let alone dance. Add to that, I woke up this morning with my feet so swollen that it hurts to put any pressure on them. The list could go on….



I made the joke to my OB nurse/friend the other day when she asked me how I was doing: ” Eh, miserable like usual. I feel like I am experiencing every single negative pregnancy symptom with this baby”. Well, of course, since I put it out to the universe, the universe answered by giving me new symptoms to deal with and now I would be willing to deal with just the old symptoms like the heartburn, constipation and hemorrhoids. (Yes I know TMI but what do you think pregnancy and giving birth is… putting your whole body out there for people to touch, prod and poke so why hold back on what looks like just a cute baby bump everyone wants to touch.)

Now in my reality, my half way mark could have come and pass because of my history of preemies but I would like to keep Baby Evelynne inside her little incubator for at least another few months for her own good. I just wish these symptoms would let up just a little bit or at least have just one at a time. (lol the small things that you begin to appreciate)

In my baby group, another mom expressed the same thing of how she is just miserable in her pregnancy. No Glow, No Happy Moments just symptoms that make your survival through each day a challenge. For any other moms going through the symptoms of pregnancy, you are never alone! There is always other moms going through the same symptoms and feelings!

Something to look forward to is the big anatomy ultrasound on Wednesday (I know, I know we already know the sex but still getting to see how big she is compared to making sure my cervix is “nice and long will be a nice change). I know that I am supposed to count up with the weeks like next week will be 21 weeks, but I will be going the other way… next week is 19 weeks to go!


10 thoughts on “Half Way Done, So Why Am I Not Happier?

  1. I never had the mommy glow with my second child. I was miserable being pregnant and now I’m done being pregnant. Period. Hang in there, it does get better.

    1. As much as I thought I was miserable being pregnant with my girls with the morning sickness and all of that… this little girl tops them by far lol. Thanks I’ll just be happy when it’s the holidays and I deliver lol

  2. Good luck making it THROUGH the second half! And just think how by the time you deliver, everything will be a breeze/relief compared to the miserable symptoms of pregnancy, right? πŸ™‚

  3. omg I could have written this with my last pregnancy. it was pretty awful.I mean, I loved that I was growing a human inside of me, that was just peachy. but it certainly wasn’t like my first pregnancy. so incredibly uncomfortable! love this post, can’t wait to see you’re little girl!

    1. Thanks! Glad to know I am not alone with being miserable in pregnancy. All I can say thank goodness this is my last and show off all the cute pictures of our baby girl in 4 months πŸ™‚

  4. This sounds a lot like my pregnancy. I completely understand exactly where you are coming from. At least there is an incredibly tiny human at the end of this journey!

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