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Recently, I joined a Mom Boss Bloggers Facebook Group because I want to expand my horizons and see what other mommy bloggers are posting about in their lives. I know that I haven’t been posting about my business lately but this will be changing this week because I need to get back to expanding my business. Anywho…

Another blogger is looking to feature vision boards on her blog and was looking for volunteers. I have had a vision board for the past 8 years after reading Louise Hay’s inspirational books where she tells her readers to make a board of what you want to see in your life so that the world knows what to bring to your life. I strongly believe in vision boards and how powerful they can be if you continued to grow your visions and your boards.

To me, my vision boards are a continuous work in progress because when one goal on my board is accomplished then it is time to find a new goal. Sometimes my board has been full of pictures, words, quotes and goals I have written onto the board. Since I was a teen, I have collected old magazines my grandmother would get rid of because I wanted to keep the recipes or crafts I wanted to try. Since starting my first vision board, I have been able to go through those magazines to help create my boards. Each day, I take one magazine cut out things for my board and other things that I want to keep.

My current board has been reworked over the past 2 years and some of those goals have been accomplished but some have not because I got away from my self-care and vision board. The blogger I will be working with on my new vision board requested a board having to do with positivity and how to stay positive. So this board will contain a lot of quotes, positive words and images.

This is something new because I will not be including specific goals that I want to achieve (that will be kept to my other board) but keeping to the positivity and self-care theme. I believe that things happen for a reason and that this new challenge for a vision board has come at a time where I have started my self care journey over. I cannot wait to share my new board when it is finished!


12 thoughts on “Vision Board Challenge

  1. I really need to get going on my vision board. I really believe that visualization is a key to success!

  2. I created aviation board for decorating my home a long time ago. I never thought to create one for goals and acheivements. I wonder if there is an online app to create one, I’m really trying to minimize “things” and I feel I would just get too carried away creating vision boards for everything lol.

    1. Marissa, I put my Vision Board in a big sized Journal, so it is just in a book. Whatever might be inspirational or something I want to keep. Like if I want to travel to Vienna, I’ll have a picture of that, but on the next page, I might have two nice cards from friends that I put on the page, a reminder that being thoughtful is good. Here are a few pages of mine.

  3. This is a good idea! I made a vision board a few years ago and seeing it helped me keep focused on my goals. A young lady I know invited everyone to a vision board party and we all brought magazines and permanent markers, it was a lot of fun! I’ll have to consider hosting one of my own soon.

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