No Direction Overload


Now that I am on bed rest, or at least for the time being, I have made the committment to commit to my blog on a consistent basis which is a huge deal for me. In the past, life has taken over and my blog was conveniently forgotten. I mean who has time to blog when you are running in a million directions and just want to veg out to your latest Netflix binge at night?

Since making this committment, which I hate committing to ANYTHING, I have laid out a game plan to do research on how to make my blog successful. I have seen how other people’s blog just take off which truly inspires me but I have no idea HOW to do that…. at all! When I have blogged in the past, it was more of my way of sharing what is going on in my life and in my head. Now, my research is telling me that I need to pick a theme or direction and stick with that. Well, my mind is full of ideas and I live by my emotions so sticking with one direction (should I sing you a song? hehe) makes my anxiety sky rocket to the moon.

I have so much that goes on in my life that how can I pick just one or two directions for my blog? I have my relationship (which we all know can be a roller coaster especially now that I am hormonal), I have my pregnancy, I have my children, I have my attempt at gardening, I have my handmade business, I have my journey of self love, I have my life which is filled with a different stress or drama or happiness everyday. Can’t I just write about all of these?

My experienced bloggers, does anyone have any tips they can share? I want to make my blog a success but I am struggling with the direction aspect. Any help will be appreciated!



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